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Violet, the lady of October

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
Violet has a new set
made just for you!

Now that I have this cheap and cheesy poem out of my hair, I can introduce you to the lady and her newest set. Here sits Violet in four poses. As always, everything is only in the highest quality of hi-res (4480×6720 px), together with the polarization filters and all that stuff.

We released this set only recently. This month, actually (October 2019).

For Violet, it was the second photoshoot you can find on our website. (Here’s the first)

She looks peaceful and thoughtful in every picture. Well, maybe except the ones where you can’t see into her face. But the point stands.

Browse all 32 excellent images of Violet and hone your artistic skills. No excuses!


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