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One-year transformation on the street

When was the last time you noticed a change in someone or something? I know you’re busy and the world is full of… Hey, look at the funny cat!… distractions. It’s hard to pay attention, especially to minor details, for example, the new glasses your friend has or the new haircut of that girl. You get the idea.

And then there are such significant transformations you won’t even recognize the person. Either way, any change can be unnoticeable. So let’s get some exercise.

Here I have two subjects. The left one has code name #720, and the other is #780.

There are many differences. Some are more visible, and some are rather subtle. I think the most obvious is in hair; Mr.720 has some, and Mr.780 has something resembling a buzz cut. His hair is receding, but he’s not quite bald yet.

And where the #720 has a (more or less) clean shave, #780 has a graying stubble.

Minor differences can be found in the eyebrows, wrinkles, and expressions. So, which one is older? It isn’t a catch. #780, of course. The more incredible matter is the age “gap.” It’s roughly a year. Oh, and by the way, it’s the same man.

At first, I had my doubts about whether it’s the same guy. Now I see it quite clearly. The main giveaway is the shape of the nose. And even the wrinkles on the forehead are almost identical. At least his hands haven’t changed a bit.

It’s incredible how one can age in such a short period. This is an excellent study for anyone.

If you want more images in better resolution (the best there is, actually), you’ll find it below:


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