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Lucy Robin, the kid hero references

Lucy is an ordinary girl leading a normal life. During the day, she visits a local school, has friends, plays the piano, and so on. But in the night, she becomes someone else, a masked vigilante who fights crime and punishes every misdeed. She’s the Robin.

Also, she poses for us so that you can finish your comic art. This month, she begins her crusade against your creative blocks in 5 fantastic sets. So grab your pencils and styluses, and let’s explore her origin.

Lucy Robin with Lightsaber

It began a few years ago when Lucy swore to protect the innocent and defenseless. All because of tragic events in her early life.

Lucy Robin standing pose

She lost her older brother Tom in a hit-and-run accident. Lucy blamed herself for this because she thought she could prevent this misfortune.

Lucy Robin with Lightsaber 2 (available on October 28th)

Little did she know it was a long-planned operation of an evil organization. Their goal was to get their sinister hands on Tom’s unique brain. They kidnapped his body, resurrected him, and then brainwashed him. (Why they devised such an elaborate plan is beyond me, but whatever.)

Lucka Teen Titan (available on October 18th)

Meanwhile, Lucy underwent brutal training from many martial arts masters to prevent similar incidents for once and for all. (I don’t know why she took such measures, but once again, whatever.)

Lucka Teen Titan 2 (available on October 24th)

Lucy overcame many trials and single-handedly took down the whole evil organization only to learn about her brother’s fate. She tried to save him, but it was too late. Even though Tom was engulfed in madness, she couldn’t hurt him. He escaped. And Lucy, once again, felt powerless. Thus, she swore she wouldn’t stop fighting crime until there isn’t any.

(Well, it was fun to write an origin story worth any superhero.)

November Sneak Peek

A new set available on November 1st – Lucy little Superhero.


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