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Luna Corazon – the ebony model & Free sample

Summer can be an awful season when it’s scorching outside. Everyone is sweaty, no one has enough energy, and the Sun can quickly burn you. In short, the summer has many downsides. Luckily, it’s almost over.

But why not remind us of summer? I mean, in a different way than visiting a sauna. Let’s say, with some hot Latina shapes. Now you can practice your artistic skills with our Brazilian model: Luna Corazon.

Three sets of Luna Corazon

Every set contains 32 Hi-res photos of 4 different poses. Which means eight images from different angles.

Luna is one of our newer models. We released this collection of lying poses only a few months ago (May 23rd).

Roughly a month ago, Luna returned with her second lying set. So take out your pencils or styluses, it’s drawing time.

Bear in mind this set isn’t out yet. We’ve scheduled its release on October 1st. This year, naturally. That isn’t so far away, be patient. Or don’t be with the premium membership. Anyway, this time it’ll be all about standing poses.

Free set of Luna Corazon

As the headline states, this one is for free. You’re welcome. Especially when it isn’t easy for us to find a beautiful woman with black skin. We live in those parts of the world where it’s somewhat rare to meet black-colored people. So appreciate this effort. And enjoy this collection of Luna’s kneeling positions.


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