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Delicious fruit textures

Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable? That’s the question. Well, at least it puzzled the minds of my classmates. We had a great biology teacher who would answer anything related to the subject of his knowledge. He couldn’t resist to show off. And my peers used to take advantage of this. So one day, we asked him.

Strictly speaking, the words fruit and vegetable are related to the food industry, and not biology. So he didn’t care about such identification.

There you have it! In our collection of fruit textures, there may be some pieces that are harder to label with the right name. Remember, then, it’s not a scientific term. Rather a marketing thing.


These are the ones you’re more familiar unless you’re some carnivorous maniac who hates everything non-meaty.

Apple is something like a classic among fruit. No wonder there’s this saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Anyway, you’ll find in our fruit category many sorts of apples, in different colors, etc.

Then there are oranges and tangerines. I admit they look somewhat the same. But so do strawberries and raspberries, when looking from afar. Or when you’re shortsighted as I am.

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Then there are fruits you’ll probably never taste. Reasons may vary. From it’s too expensive to it looks like something from Lovecraft’s stories.

The first one is the barbary fig. Such a name doesn’t sound very delicious; however, its other name is a cactus pear. It might sound weird, but at least it’s a bit more appealing.

Certainly more than papaya cut in half. It looks like it’s infested by something malicious.

And while pineapple isn’t that uncommon, when you think about it, it looks rather odd. The leaves are something that you’d expect on soccer player’s head.

This “orange tomato” is known as persimmon or hurmi-kaki, or simply kaki, among friends. It tastes like calcium, for some reason. At least to me.

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