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Knight & Pumpkins photogrammetry sessions.

Past weeks were so diverse in our photo studio in Prague.

First week we started with a photogrammetry session with normal and crashed pumpkins of different kinds as well as cemetery monuments.

The next week we had borrowed lined brass gothic armour with a 1.5 mm of sheet metal thickness with a weight of 15kg.

We made 5 hour photoshooting session which was pretty intense for our graphic artist Adam which was exposed to the armour. He had to get dressed to the armor which was small in compare of Adam’s body so it was a really tight experience.

During the photoshooting were testing out some of a different light setups including cross polarisation.

There is the result of 360° view created from 72 photos presentation of knight armour.



After all of these funny issues we finally moved on the photogrammetry process.

Photogrammetry itself was a long run. We disassembled the armour as much as possible to the all (150x Canon D250 & 11 flash lights) lenses of the RIG the RIG and our pipeline.

It was harder then we expected and the whole process took up to 20hours. We had to hang an individual parts of the armour and photogrammetry it one by one.

And these are postprocessed 3d scans.

In the end we are so happy about the final result of photos and 3D scans which we’ve created! What do you think? Rate us yourself. 

Adam Winters