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3 Free Drawing Tutorials and some FREE stuff

Social distancing is tough. You’re locked in your apartment, house, wherever, and bored out of your skull. Maybe you could take your artistic skills to the next level. It’s productive, at least, but it’s difficult without help or a mentor.

You could figure everything out by yourself. But why reinvent the wheel when there are tons of people willing to help you? For example, we offer you three tutorials (free of charge) on our YouTube channel.

Start with the head

Good job! You’ve learned drawing the head. But what is head without the rest? Great news, the next tutorial is about the body. However, before you jump on to the next video you should check these three FREE references:

Shenika, Donna, Sarah


Continue with the body

Your human figure is now complete. Are you up to a challenge? Then take a look at the next tutorial. Or maybe you should practice more. Here are FREE images:

Ross, Max Dior, George Lee


End with your first character

So, you know how to draw Spidey by now. Maybe you’d like to design your very own character. Then, dear friends, you need references. Lots of references. Where to find them? Look no further than photo-reference-for-comic-artists.com.

Or check these three FREE samples:

Vlastimil, Vlastimil 2, Vladimir


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Martin Misun

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