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Learn to model a 3D character in 3DSMAX and Zbrush

You’re at home, there’s nothing to do. Nothing exciting, at least. Stop sitting at the computer and do something useful. Actually, keep sitting and go nowhere. Because now it’s the right time to boost your creative skills up.

Open your 3D software, and let’s get started. We got an incredible tutorial series exclusively for you.

Learn everything you need to know about modeling a humanoid character using only three software: Photoshop, 3DSMAX, and Zbrush.

Start with setting up a photo reference:

Follow with head modeling in 3D Studio Max and body modeling in Zbrush. We divided these tutorials into 19 videos you can find here.


Some FREE stuff

Of course, you need some references. Do not worry, we thought of it, and prepared for you some freebies. Check them out.

Street 841, Street 846, Duke


Martin Misun

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