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The best fabric textures for any game designer and 3D artist

When it comes to fabrics, you should probably visit a notions store. However, when it comes to fabric textures for your 3D project, there’s a no better place than environment-textures.com (what a smooth transition!).

Let’s get a quick tour of our selection.

Camouflage Fabrics

The heading speaks for itself. Camouflage, the thing that covers soldiers’ combat uniforms. War FPS games are ever so popular. We can offer you 38 various images ranged from classic to black and white camouflage.

Carpet fabrics

The next category is all about carpets and similar things. Basically, it contains everything fabric-y that covers the floor. These 238 images include plain and heavily ornamented carpets, doormats, and many more fluffy surfaces. Get them now!

Damaged Fabrics

Well, not everything here is actually damaged. Not in an unintentional sense, at least. The pictures are mainly of ripped jeans, and they are trendy. However, it’s not everything you’ll get to see in the category of 182 images. Browse it here:


Here we got not only a few expensive fur coats but some actual furs as well. You know, the ones people get as decorations or even as carpets. 114 photos in total:

Lace Trim

Laces with overly complicated patterns and a couple of simple ones in a single place. View all the 105 images!


Do you want to give a cool appearance to someone? Dress him into a leather outfit. Here you can buy some other stuff, as well, such as textures of leather furniture. There’s even leather armor. 171 photos here:

Patterned Fabrics

This is our strongest category with 1519 pictures of many different patterns. Some are subtle, some are really crazy.

Plain Fabrics

Here is the opposite category – plain textures. Nothing fancy or luxurious. However, the selection is wide. 578 images.

Various Fabrics

207 images of fabrics, that we found hard to categorize, like costumes, armor, and tassels.

Woolen Fabrics

These fabrics are here thanks to crocheting and knitting. And wool, of course. Where we’d be without it? Well, at least we wouldn’t have these 113 pictures:

Wrinkled Fabrics

We’re finishing with wrinkles on cloths (and some jeans). These 157 images are worth of your attention.

And in case you’ve already forgotten, everything you need you’ll find at:


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