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Fix the BvS movie with our references

The BvS movie bombed at the box offices. I know it’s an easy target for making fun. So I won’t do so. Instead, I propose a different approach. We’ll fix the movie. And by “we” I mean “you” guys.

We’re here to offer you only references. The rest of the work is on your shoulders. (No pressure.) Are you ready? Let the showdown begin in a new comic book worth the fight.

I know they are just kids, but hey are just adorable. People love cute things. It’s coded in our subconsciousness. Let’s take advantage of that.

Stop complaining about them being just two girls. This is a modern age. Equal rights are the topic of the past few years. Or whatever is popular among kids these days. We have to give them a little bit of “fan service”, so to speak.

So, are you up to challenge? This month, you’ll find many BVS themed references on our web. Some are already there. And for some, you’ll need a premium membership. It’s nothing unachievable.


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