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Arnost, our October entertainer

When looking at this guy, I have a clear impression of singing man. He’ll undoubtedly entertain you. At least when you’re using his references., because drawing is fun. And with these 32 hi-res images (4396×6592 px), you have plenty of choices. Without further ado, meet your October entertainer – Arnost.

Here’s Arnost in his first singing performance. In a way, this reminds me of one of Disney’s classic, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Except for the fact Arnost isn’t even slouching.

Well, this doesn’t remind me only of singing an opera aria, but a soldier or a knight holding a flag or banner, as well, minus the uniform and shiny armor, respectively.

Maybe you could imagine Arnost as a gondolier. Or perhaps an old wizard-like man with his staff. This image would make sense even as an injured survivalist.

The last eight photos are in a standing position (here comes the twist) without a staff. Although this doesn’t remind me of anything, in particular, it’s still an interesting image.

If you’re interested in all Arnost’s October material, click on the button below. And do some sketching.


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