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6 upcoming updates for October & Highlight

I’m no Englishman to find pleasure in talking about the weather, but it’s terrible outside (from my perspective). No wonder, when the Fall is already here. At least not all of us have to work outdoors. So let’s sit down and get some work done in a cozy place. For the best results, get a cup of warm tea.

Let’s say you can’t have one right now. We know, it sucks. But we can help you a little with our 6 hot upcoming updates for this month. And don’t forget about the premium membership, as well. It’s the only way to get everything immediately.

You can think of it as an icing on the cake.


Lucy as the Robin. Trained by the Batman himself, and the League of Assassins. Seriously, don’t mock her; she’s ready to kick your (kid’s) butt.


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