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Timea & Matthew, the new kids on the (3d.sk) block

Making a realistic 3D model of a human being is no walk in the park. It requires a lot of effort and time, so having a social life is no option. How the hell can you remember how other people look? Even children. And they’re your next assignment.

Now you’ve two options. Either you’ll shut down the computer and go outside, risking some tanning and awkward social situations, or you’ll browse our database of children. Let me introduce our two newest additions.


We’ll start with a girl with a name Timea. Her sets are tiny older than Matthew’s, but at least it means they’re available for you immediately. It’s something your past self couldn’t say.

Well, it’s pretty much a standard set, although it’s slightly less detailed, for apparent reasons. But you’ll find there everything you need for your work. Timea poses in two different outfits.

The first one has white sneakers; dark blue ripped jeans and a black tee with print. And the second has grey ballerinas, light blue jeans and a white printed t-shirt. The rest of the set contains, well, read here.

Kids are somewhat active beings, always in motion, thinking of mischiefs they could do. This set isn’t strictly about actions; however, it shows the so-called walking cycle, for example, and various muscle flexes.

And the last set is focused only on the face. Things like facial expressions, emotions, or speech sounds.


Matthew is precisely like Timea. Except for he’s older and taller. And he’s a boy. Well, maybe they aren’t that similar, after all. Here are his three sets, but keep in mind that two of them are still upcoming this month (September 2019). So if you haven’t a premium membership, you’ll have to wait.

This basic set is the same in every aspect, as the previous one. Except for the model, of course. He wears two outfits, one casual (green sneakers, dark washed jeans, and khaki tee), and one athletic (wrestling uniform with Czech symbols and colors).

Boys are scamps, there’s no denying in that. Therefore you’ll need this set. (Available September 14th)

To give some emotions and soul to your 3D model you should look into this set. (Available September 18th)


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