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How We Do the Standard Photoshoot at 3D.sk

Today I’ve decided to write a little bit about the actual photoshoot at 3D.sk. (There are lots of unanswered questions.) And what’s the first question? How?

Okay, that wasn’t an elaborate inquiry. Nevertheless, my job was to write some technical parameters or something like that. But that would be endlessly boring. So instead, I wrote a short story where I explain (sort of) why our photos are great for texturing.

After that, I’ll provide some info on what contains our every photo set. First thing first, though.

Short story – How we do our photoshoot

On the third day, there was a marriage. And it came to pass that all polaroid pictures were used. So the mother of our CEO said unto him: “They have no more polaroids.”

Therefore our CEO said unto his photographers: “Go down the street and at its end, you shall find a man sitting in front of his stall. Tell him your CEO has sent you. When he asks who your CEO is, give him our secret handshake, and he shall serve you. He shall know what to sell you.”

And the photographers did as our CEO told them.

After their return, they passed the items on our CEO, and he built a small photo studio. He used a polarization filter foil on every octagon softbox and objective lens, as well. “Behold, it is done,” said our CEO.

But when the photographers saw this creation, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. So our CEO said: “Oh ye of little faith.” Then he took the first photo of happy newlyweds and, lo, there was no skin reflection, no gleams.

Thus it became the perfect source for texturing.

What does our standard photoshoot contain?

“I’m glad you’re asking, Martin.” “No problem, Martin.”

When we upload photos to our website, we divide them into 3 sets. In this post, I’ll deal only with the first set, which contains the largest portion of pictures. It ranges from 350 to 450 (approximately) images. That’s quite a number.

It begins with the model in a sort of robotic position, gradually spreading out arms. He or she is fully dressed now.

Then we focus attention on the details of the clothes. This starts with the garment on the torso. Then we proceed to the legs. Sometimes we cover the footwear, as well.

Usually, the model poses in different outfits. Of course, the whole process is repeated as before.

Before going naked, we take a few shots of the model in underwear.

Now that the model is nude, the process repeats, more or less. There’re a few different poses. Even a couple, erm, details.

Then it comes to images of arms and hands from many angles. Also, we do some pictures from above.

To the end, there’re dozens of photos of face, hair, lips, teeth, tongue, eyes. Well, it covers everything on the head.

Let’s not forget about the detailed skin photos. And the fingers. We do only thumb and index finger, though, since we (people) use them most frequently. Well, maybe we should start taking photos of the middle finger, too.

And one last thing. I’ll throw here a few in 100% resolution. They’ll be cropped, though.

Palm skin

Okay, there you have it. Next time we’ll look at the second set of photos.


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