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Comic Book Characters in Real Life (more or less)

I was pondering about one thing yesterday. There’s this question troubling me. What is the name of this web? Photo reference for comic artists, of course. For comic artists, I repeat. (I’d even spell it, but it’d be a waste of time.)

So why, then, why there isn’t any comic book reference? What I mean is a straight rip-off of a character from your favorite graphic novel. Something like a cosplay.

For example, we could easily manage to make a Logan photo reference. Logan is quite popular among fans, I think. And you even don’t need that much for his outfit. It could look like this:

If we had anything like this, you could find it easily on our site. All I’d do is give you a few links, such as Logan 1, Logan 2, or Logan 3.

Or we could do some references from comic book-based movies that were a big flop. I’m looking at you, Suicide Squad. Harley Quinn would be good enough. She could have this look:

Now that’d be brilliant. Then I’d throw here some links with names Harley 1, Harley 2, and Harley 3. Of course, they’d lead you to whole sets.

My job wouldn’t end there, naturally. I’d like to see more comic book-related. This time maybe not a major character. Someone from SHIELD? Nick Fury? Well, why not? And here he’d go:

Once again, the links Fury 1, Fury 2, and Fury 3.

Not every cosplay is worthy. Not even Thor’s. We could do one, no problem. Even a Thor in a Hawaiian shirt. It could be a crazy parallel universe version. Parallel universes are popular in comic book worlds.

Etc., etc. Thor 1, Thor 2, and Thor 3 (Is Thor still woman, or it was just a phase?)

Of course, I would write this if we had such photo references. And that’d be so awesome. Hmm, maybe one day. One day, for sure.


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