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Door (and Everything Related to it) Textures

Doors are quite mysterious, I believe. You see this wooden barrier. What’s behind it? Nothing! And now you’re really curious. For all you know, there could be a parallel universe.

You wouldn’t be far away from the truth, I guess. Even your neighbor’s home could be a brand new, unexplored world. Something like Middle-Earth.

Just like this post. I’ll be almost as exciting as the world created by J.R.R Tolkien. Only, instead of epic battles and wars, it’ll be about doors. And instead of fantastic beings and creatures, such as orcs or elves, it’ll be about handles and knockers. Hinges and locks will be substitutes for Sauron and Gandalf.

But just as I said – complete Middle-Earth. I’m so excited, I can’t wait to see what’s inside this category. (*Sigh*, what am I even doing with my life?)

(The Fellowship of the) Handles and Knockers

Ah, these historical handles look so noble they could be the elves. Well, except for the last one. Just look at it! It’s so bizarre. Something like Elrond’s special cousin.

Never mind that. In this category, you’ll find many majestic and weirdly shaped handles. Even a few knobs.

We have some modern handles images, as well. (Modern; don’t confuse it with the word new) And I’m not going to say they are ugly. They’re the orcs, nevertheless.

To be fair, not every photo we have in this category is rusty and half-broken. Some of them are in good shape. Still, they’re the orcs.

And finally, the knockers. They’re so rare and grotesque, they could be the Ents.

(The Two) Hinges and Locks

For some reason, all images of hinges on our web, are old. I admit, classic, new versions probably aren’t as exciting. But, man, they look so ancient sometimes. They could be the Gandalf.

Locks are really an evil invention. They hold you away from exploring the beautifully crafted world. I always felt disappointed when finding a locked door in a game and there was no way to get past it. Locks are Sauron to me.

By the way, there’s a lot more in those two categories than just two photos. Go, and explore them properly.

(The return of the) Doors

Wooden Doors, or AKA the Middle-Earth of this category. It’s so vast and detailed. With every visit, you’ll find something new, something you haven’t noticed before.

There’re 7 subcategories with over 1000 images. Now that’s cool.

Metal doors remind me of Mordor, for some reason. I just can’t explain why.

You’ll find here 5 subcategories. Again, over 1000 images.

Plastic doors are similar to the rest of Tolkien’s world. They’re here, but nobody really cares.

Final Thoughts

See, I’ve told you. Just like The Lord of the Rings. If someone decided to make a movie adaptation of this, I want some credit for it.


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