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Dynamic Dancing People References

Here’s a quick thought. A comic book about dancing. Not a story of people who happen to dance, but a tale where a dance drives the plot. I know, it’s crazy, it doesn’t make much sense, etc.

However, it’s a niche that hasn’t been explored too much. At least in the western comic book world. I don’t know about the manga. It’s more than likely there’re a few pieces about dancing since Japanese are creating more manga ideas daily than Liam Neeson’s kill count in movies.

Even if you’re not into such an idea, you have to admit that drawing dancing has its advantage. It’s a fluid and dynamic movement. And your art just begs for dynamic poses.

Speedmax Galleries

Speedmax gives you the best sharp photo shot of body in dynamic movement thanks to the worldwide fastest compact flash unit. Moreover, each pose is taken from various angles, so if one doesn’t fit your needs, you’ll quickly find a better one.

Browse the full sets below each gallery.

More dancing references

The following photo sets aren’t in speedmax, they feature just one photo from many different angles. They’re still awesome, though.

Final thoughts

Maybe there’s a reason we don’t have mainstream comic books about dancing. It’s quite ridiculous when you think about it. Superheros are the top. And I personally can’t imagine a hero who fights crime with a dance. Although it’ll never be as absurd as dancing priests.

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