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Enjoy the Summer with Upcoming 32 July Updates!

Ah, the summer is here! It seems the temperature rises every day, at least by one degree. There are many days ahead of us, so by the end, we’ll be roasted. What can you do? Jump into cold water. Or you can even refresh yourself with our brand new updates. Best served with a bucket of ice-cream.

So what we got? 29 July updates that will be released throughout the whole month. Don’t forget, for the less patient, there’s the premium membership so that you can access everything immediately. For example, 15 clothed people sets (right from the streets), or 5 costume/clothes sets. There’ll be 2 animal sets as well. And let’s not forget the 10 pre-made head textures.

I’m sure your wallet can handle such a small investment. If it wasn’t destroyed by the Steam Summer Sale.


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