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Discover Great Couple References or The Story of One Couple

Life is much easier when you can share it with someone. Suddenly, every joy is doubled, and every grief halved. Even though love can hurt and burn, you’ll find yourself in precious moments, such as these:

You feel like the perfect couple and you do everything together. Never separated. Since everything is easier (even committing violence).

But then something goes wrong. One betrays the other. It’ll never be the same as before.

There will be no more trust. Love transforms into a fight on emotional, psychological, or even a physical level.

It doesn’t matter who’ll win. Because it was a war. And as we know very well, there are no winners in wars.


Okay, so it may not be so drastic or dramatic. When couple splits it doesn’t end with killing (usually). Then again, comic books don’t copy the real life in every aspect. There has to be some drama and tension.

You should enhance your story with powerful and dynamic scenes. And what’s a better place to find some brilliant references with couples than the photo-reference-for-comic-artists.com?

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