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Draw Strong Female Characters With Strong Bodies

Strong women, now that’s a topic of recent days. Mainly thanks to Hollywood movies. And because of fans’ rage, immediately afterward. The anger is often valid. Well, we can easily misinterpret the term.

There can be strong females by character, determined or strong-willed or brave, etc. They still may be with flaws, as any human being. However, they embrace their imperfections and overcome them.

And then there are strong women by the body. While it’s true a female can have both characteristics at the same time; the latter one often compensates for the lack of character. It’s terrible writing, though.

Since we focus on visual references and not on writing advice, we’ll offer you a sneak peek to the muscular category at female-anatomy-for-artist.com.
Here they come!

Presenting you our database

When fighting with cold weapons, it’s good to have two things: skill for the technique and muscles, because steel weapons can be heavy. Our models may not hold swords or axes the proper way, but at least they have the strength.

Good references for your Red Sonja fan art, e.g.

So, how did they get ripped figures, anyway? Thanks to years of dedicated body-building, of course. We couldn’t capture the journey; however, we can show you some of the results. You’ll find plenty of photos of working-out and showing-off.

Captured with the speedmax technology

Maybe you’re not interested in their whole bodies as such. Or you need to practice drawing only muscular arms and legs. Very well, then. It’s good we have thought about everything.

The previous sentence might be an overstatement. But we still take requests. So if we’ve forgotten about anything, you know what to do. Hit the suggestion button on the top of our website.

Among others, these were requested

So you’ve managed to get to the very end? Then you’ll deserve something. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a discount code, but at least I made a search. Maybe this helps on your drawing journey.

All credit goes to Mikey Mega Mega

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