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Discover Our Business References For Your Comic Book!

Money talks. After all, being rich is a sign of power: another thing that drives people. Money and power go hand in hand.

It isn’t difficult to think of a place where both aren’t scarce — for example, corporations. (Especially the evil corporations.) That can mean only a business.

Forms of businesspeople for comics

Comic book stories should be exaggerating things to an unrealistic degree. No one believes Spider-man could exist or that any sane person would wear red underpants over his costume. Same goes for the villains.

Let’s suppose the antagonist in your story is a corporation. Then make it extremely evil, full of assassins and suits with briefcases. You know, your classic organization with CEO so wealthy and capitalistic they cloned Karl Marx only to shoot him.

Sorry, what was that? Oh, the weapons. Well, we don’t know what’s your experience with megacorporations, but carrying a gun is something like a workplace etiquette there. We’ve read it. Somewhere.
Or maybe it’s only a casual Friday. Who knows?

Perhaps your next comic masterpiece won’t be about a bureaucratic organization obsessed with wealth. Therefore you’re looking for something less corrupted. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a sneak peek at few yakuza and gang references.

Of course, the business world isn’t all about evil-doers. There are as well law-abiding citizens earning their “daily bread” in the form of bills. Nurses, for example. Technically they are not businesspeople, but they can be minions, in a way.

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