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Let’s meet: Shenika and her incredible work

Shenika is one of the most active models at the Female-Anatomy website. Since here debut in 2018, she appeared in forty more sets, and more are on the way. Now it’s time for a small tribute – a blog post dedicated solely to Shenika. Without further ado, let’s meet Shenika.

Shenika in Hyper Angle

The hyper angle is about photos taken from below. If you ask us how we make these images, we’ll answer you in one word – magic. Jokes aside, Shenika is something like a pioneer in the category for us.

These hyper angle shoots are so unique and innovative, that if they could get sold out, they would go like hotcakes. Get them and boost your artistic potential up by 100%.

Shenika in Standard Photo Shoot

Standard sets are always a classic. 32 images divided into four poses, what more can you ask?

Well, maybe except for more standard sets. Shenika made a couple of these in standing, kneeling, and sitting poses.

Shenika in Stereoscopic

Although we put the stereoscopic category the last, it represents Shenika’s most important work. She made more than 20 sets.

You will find 16 incredible photos in every set.

If you want to see Shenika’s complete work look no further than here:

Martin Misun

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