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A brand-new way to take photos: Hyper Angle

Hey, guys! The past couple of weeks were difficult for many of us. Dealing with the pandemic situation isn’t an easy task, but we try not to slow down too much. So, what we’ve been up to lately? A brand-new category has landed on our web. We call it:

Hyper Angle

It’s a unique way to take photos of our models in fascinating angles from below. All the photos are made with cross-polarized filters, and you’ll hardly find anything like them around the internet.

We can offer you four sets, so far, and more are on the way. Let’s have a brief look at some of them.

We uploaded this set already in February, and it’s the only one with seven images.

All the other sets have ten photos.

These images aren’t the same pose from different angles. Every one of them is unique.

They are all featured in our Multi-angle category, though.


Martin Misun

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