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Bundle your memberships for extra discounts

Are you a 3D artist or a game developer? Then you probably have premium memberships on 3d.sk and environment-textures.com, already. The question is, why you have to pay the full (although very favorable) price twice? We have an answer to this problem. Bundles!

Now you can bundle your memberships to get an extra discount without losing all additional perks.

Well, maybe you aren’t much into 3D arts. Maybe you’re a hard-working artist who likes his sketchings, or paintings. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you.

And if your ambitions are even higher, for example, in the comic book business, well, guess what? Bundle with an even better discount!

But there’s more! Some of you guys have many talents. You’re hybrids in your work. Maybe you need something unique. And to this, we have a specialty. Your very own bundle. Create one, and get up to 65% discount.

Martin Misun

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