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The Uniforms of World Wars, 3D Scans & A Discount Code

Those were the dark times, not so long time ago, yet lost in our memory, it seems. For better or worse. And I’m not talking about the last week when you lost the internet connection.

Let’s travel back in time, to the first half of the 20th century, when war madness swallowed the whole world.

World War II; Germany

These are photos of a nameless soldier; his fate is unknown. He fought for Germany in the terrible World War II. Was he willing to die for his country? For a twisted vision of a madman? All he ever wanted was peace. Now he rests in it.

3D scan of a body
3D scan of the head

World War I; Austria-Hungary

Traveling back a few decades more, we find ourselves in World War I. Its battles are often overshadowed by the war that has to come yet. Nevertheless, it was a tragedy that cost many men their lives.

Here are photos of a brave man who fought for Austria-Hungary, a monarchy that ended with the war. He was a simple man with a dashing mustache. Now he’s a simple ghost with a dapper mustache.

3D scan of a body
3D scan of the head

Now; wherever you live

So we are back in our times. We live in (relatively) peaceful age. Don’t forget to be grateful for everything you can’t see or touch. Peace is one of those things. As well as our discount code.


You can apply the code above for 15% off any subscription plan. That’s up to 200 USD (depending on your chosen program, of course).

Final thoughts

We took all the photos in Josefov fortress (Czech Republic), a place where time stands still. Or at least I had such an impression.

Never mind that, there’re more important things to announce. Well, only one, to be honest. A big uniform update is coming to our website.

And these are only a few of the upcoming. Be prepared for military history to unravel before your eyes.


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