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Meet Jenny Wild (in four sets)

Who is Jenny Wild? That’s the question! Well, she’s one of our newest models doing all the T-pose and A-pose stuff, as well as many other poses. Everything in only three photo sets with one additional featuring her clothes. So let’s have a brief look at them.

Standard set

Jenny’s standard set contains four outfits and detailed photos of every part of her body from many different angles. Altogether, we can offer you 435 images. Or 50% off when you download the whole set. It’s up to you.

Set #1

Set #1 has 142 photos of Jenny’s sitting/kneeling poses and walking cycles.

Set #2

With 50 images, set #2 is all about Jenny’s head (flexing, emotions).

Jenny’s clothes

And finally, the special set contains 40 photos of Jenny’s clothes from the standard set.


Martin Misun

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