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Christmas Art Competition

The Christmas holidays are times of love and peace, or so they say. For many of us, they’re a rather hectic season. And to make it a little bit busier for you, we’ve prepared a competition. Aren’t you excited? Because we sure are. The winners will get more than $2500 in many prizes.

Hold your horses, guy! You there, put down the pencil. You don’t know the topic yet. Or anything else, for that matter.

The theme of this art contest is THE FUTURE. You may submit any future-related artwork (aliens, spaceships, future technology; your only limitation is your imagination). And it doesn’t matter whether it’s digital drawing or 3D art. Or, maybe if you’re up to it, you could do traditional painting.

The contest has many rules and I advise you to read them here because I’m in no mood to even copy-paste them. However, one of the most crucial rules is this: You must use at least 1 of our references in your final artwork. Don’t worry, you may always try our free trial membership.

The competition is on. And it ends January 31st (2020, naturally).

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