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Ink in the Water Textures

When a drop of ink falls into water it creates a weird image. In a good sense, of course. It looks like a rather surreal painting that lives. Indeed, it’s oddly satisfying to watch the smooth flow of diffused ink.

You can create such a play in seconds. Even dipping a nib of a fountain pen into a glass of water will give you an unforgetable experience. However, the image will last only in your memory. Fading image, never to be re-created.

It isn’t easy to capture the right moment. Because even a fraction of a second is enough to destroy the desired image. Well, luckily for you, we have plenty of ink-themed photos.

Wide ink

Splatter some ink into the water in a wide range, and you’ll get beauties like above. You’ll see many odd shapes, and with a little bit of imagination, you’ll see more complex images. It’s similar to the Rorschach test (in a way).

In this category is currently 31 images.

Smoky ink

Well, we may have only one image in this category (so far), but at least it’s mesmerizing. As the name of the group suggests, it looks like a delicate smoke.

Single drop ink

When a single drop falls into a liquid, or in some cases, on paper and different materials, it shapes in these manners. With 145 images, it’s our largest ink category.

Full screen ink

The last category is probably the most surreal. The shapes cover the whole picture. The tone may vary, though. Moreover, this time you’ll find more than blue ink, as you can see above.

75 images in total, you can find them all with the button below.


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