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Gas Masks – Awaken Dread In Your Audience

Have you ever heard the word coulrophobia? Probably not. Fear of clowns is translation. It’s only understandable people have the shivers when in their presence. Many of us would take candy from the Joker rather than stand next to a mere clown with a heavily made-up look.

Funny, though, how there’s one thing similarly creepy, yet people usually don’t realize it. Gas masks! You will feel at least a hint of uneasiness when looking into its dark and vastly empty lenses.
It’s debatable why it’s so. We’d guess it’s all about the feeling of unknown.

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.

H.P. Lovecraft

How do gas masks relate to Us?

So, you are a game developer. What genre is your current project? A horror? Scaring people isn’t an easy task. Quite the opposite, it’s ungrateful. Hate your boss, not us. Seriously though, would you mind if we give you a piece of advice?
Frighten your audience subtly: with an enemy or villain wearing a gas mask.

Not in the mood? Does the deadline press you? We suggest you a solution with a “poetic” name: 3D scans. And I’ve heard there’s a particular website where you can find few of those. Even better, it includes three gas mask scans. What a coincidence!

We admit, three isn’t the highest number. However, with a bit of creativity and imagination, we believe you’ll manage to “conjure” something. And who knows, maybe one day there will be more. (Cough foreshadowing cough)

You’ll find them on the 3D.sk website. Or scroll down a little bit.

Not a beauty contest – Highlighting the gas masks

This one is something of a staple of old gas masks. A go-to. Made of black rubber with lenses as if containing the Void, large filter canister, and voicemitter. Moreover, nuclear protective cloth covers the rest of the head.

The second mask is in khaki. Unlike the first, this has clear lenses, and it’s without a bigger filter. Firefighters used these back in the day, so the model goes with a vintage helmet.

The last mask is probably the least creepy. In a blue rubber with two white filters, it’s quite colorful compared to the others. It also lacks lenses. Brown cloth covers the majority of head, but not the face.

More 3D scans on our website 3d.sk

Other gas mask references

The first of non-3D scans entries. The color might be a matter of discussion. Nonetheless, it has everything needed.

Now this one invokes something naughty. Black, thight leather covering the whole face? Come on! Anyway, it features clear lenses, voicemitter and green filter canister.

To speed the things up, we’ll show you three somewhat similar masks, varied mainly in color. Green, dirty white and peachy. These differ thanks to their tin can-like filter canisters on tubes.

Looking familiar? This one is more or less the same as the previous. However, it lacks the canister, and it’s in greyish rubber.

How about all these “beauties”, except from different angles? Look no further, they are here:

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