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Wall & Raw Meat HiRes Textures For You To Devour!

Some people had to do this manually, building all the walls, houses, and what not. It isn’t an easy job. Ours was much easier. Yours will be effortless because you’re only a few clicks away from downloading these HiRes references of brick walls. Something like this one:

And how about walls with damaged plaster? Let’s be realistic, time (and people) will destroy everything. Add some realism to your project. Below is an example.

Phew. After all the hard construction work, one can quickly get hungry.

It’s a time to get carnivorous!

Don’t take it literally, though. This piece of news isn’t about opening a restaurant or anything. It’s about our latest meat textures. No hard feelings, veggie friends?

Anyway, let’s not digress. These meat images may stay fresh forever, but it doesn’t mean you should overlook them. Try to admire the details in high resolution (6720×4560 px) of pork, chicken, and rabbit meat. The best way to do this is to serve it with any premium membership.

Still hungry for more? Don’t despair; we have prepared for you three freebies. Dig in!

Free samples of rabbit meat (twice) and pork

Download the FREE Rabbit Meat, another Rabbit meat, and Pork Samples.

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