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Pro Or Newbie, Our Free Drawing Sessions Are For Everyone!

It’s nothing new under the Sun. You have this still unused sketchbook in front of you. You have set your goals: drawing and sketching every day. And you feel as if you were mesmerized by the sheer whiteness of the paper. You just can’t come up with an idea of what to draw.

You aren’t alone; it happens a lot. Some may say, it’s more of a beginner’s problem. Such a statement won’t make the dilemma disappear, though. After all, we are all beginners in everything we do, at some point.

Seriously, now! It might sound like an intro to some cheap motivational, self-improvement video. They offer solutions to many problems. And they are rather vague.
We don’t have the ultimate answer, because there probably isn’t an endgame to the You-vs-Paper fight. You have two options right now:

  • sit in a corner and cry
  • take a drawing session with us

We are creating an ongoing series of videos. There are already seven of them, and more are on the way — one session every two weeks. Each video with a length of over 35 minutes structured with 13 different photo references, in a range of 1-10 minutes for individual images — everything straight out of our websites.

Our latest entry in the series.

Youtube Playlist

There are no rules. However, we recommend you do this without pausing for the best results on your artistic journey.

You have all the tools. Everything you need now is your skill, or a desire to hone your art. So fill the blank papers with some fantastic sketches.

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