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It’s Texturing Time With 80% Off PBR Sale Till The End Of May & Quick Survey!

There is no better time to need some PBR textures than this year’s May. Until the end of the month, we offer you 80% off of our Substance PBR Category.
Just don’t forget, the sale ends May 31st.

We understand the majority of you is familiar with PBR. However, even people of the ancient times declared, “Repetition is the mother of wisdom.” (They might not know what PBR is, but the proverb applies nevertheless.) Refresh your memory with a short tutorial:

Of course, you’ll need something for practice. Here you go, two free PBR textures:


Ground Snow Stone & Metal Rusty Floor

While watching and downloading, why not take a survey? All we ask is your honest feedback to five simple questions.
Five questions? That’s like a quick test in a school! Except, there is no danger of getting an F-grade. Or even better, three of you have a chance of winning something of actual value – 30 credits.
Don’t forget to enter your e-mail, though.

Lastly, we have something for the curious.
You take the PBR for granted. However, have you ever wondered how it works? Or why? Sure, you could research it from scratch, by your own. But, why reinvent the wheel? Here is a lot, and we do mean a LOT, of theory on the subject.

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