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Part Dargon, Part Man, 15-Part Tutorial – It’s The Dragonman!

Sure, you are well versed in human anatomy. And you might know a couple of things about dragons. But a human dragon? Now that’s a tough one! And then there’s this 3D project of yours featuring one you need to finish.

If there were only a series of tutorials on this topic, that would guide you through the whole process of shaping, texturing and rendering one.

Fear not, we present you Konstantinos Giatilis and his Dragonman tutorial! Below is the first episode of his brilliant 15-part series. (How convenient, right?)

Or Watch Every Episode Here

Konstantinos is a Greek artist and programmer, whom we asked to create the tutorials so that you could learn everything you need to know. For you it’s free, including the project files, because we believe in supporting our 3D community. It’ll cost you only time, with the tutorials being over 13 hours in total.

That’s it. You may jump in right away!
See you in 13 hours or so.

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